A history of the battle of antieta and the army of notrthern virginia a sharpsburg

They were sorely needed after all the hard campaigning that summer.

A history of the battle of antieta and the army of notrthern virginia a sharpsburg

The Battle The battle began on the morning of September 17, when the Union army, under General Joseph Hooker, attacked the Confederate army on the left flank. But Hill's men were in a strong defensive position, atop a gradual ridge, in a sunken road worn down by years of wagon traffic, which formed a natural trench. I have got the suit on that you sent me. But with Hooker removed from the field, there was no general left with the authority to rally the men of the I and XII Corps. It was the region in which no states supported Abraham Lincoln in the presidential election. French's division, and at 9 a. Jones in line from the West Woods, across the Turnpike, and along the southern end of Miller's Cornfield. Brigadier General J. Captain Benjamin F. More decisive action from McClellan may have ended the Civil War much earlier.

Ambrose Burnside on Nov. The divisions under McLaws and Richard H.

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Although a strong position with the advantage of interior lines of communication, it might also be a death trap with the Potomac cutting off retreat.

The marching orders were taken to Union Maj. Conversely, at Antietam he would unsuccessfully seek permission from McClellan to launch an attack against the Confederate left in the afternoon.

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Both army commanders deluded themselves. Both General Lee and Confederate President Jefferson Davis thought that a successful invasion would convince France and Great Britain to officially recognize the Confederacy as a nation. Logistical problems existed, and many batteries were short of men, horses, guns and other equipment. And keeping Confederates in their southern box enabled President Lincoln to finally release his Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, To carry food and forage, the army brought along more than 3, wagons — each of which carried about a ton. Rifles are shot to pieces in the hands of the soldiers, canteens and haversacks are riddled with bullets, the dead and wounded go down in scores. Stuart was promoted to major general and given command of a Confederate cavalry division consisting of three brigades. That would require legislation from the Confederate Congress.

Army Corps of Engineers. He had 43 years of experience in the Army, including several tours of duty in the West and distinguished service in the Mexican War.

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When the th engaged Brig.

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Battle of Antietam Facts & Summary