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Tracy: We try to document what we do and the feedback we receive. I was also working at a counseling office as an office assistant because I thought I wanted to make that my career.

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My mom would always read to me. What lessons have you learned? I think the way the early childhood collaborative works and functions will be very different, but, at its core, it's the same idea. Educators, parents, business and community leaders are rallying around the idea that we need to provide a much different educational experience in our schools that prepares all students to be lifelong learners and contributors in the 21st century. But I was desperate for a job-I absolutely hate staying at home without having something to do-so I applied and started substituting at various schools. Personally, working with the Collaborative has been an outstanding professional development opportunity for me, providing invaluable insight into best practices that could be implemented locally for the benefit of Kansas City students. Tracy: For me, the challenges are not unique to Kansas City, and my answer has changed from when I first started this work in I think that's the space the Collaborative has occupied to this point — we have not provided big grant dollars. The first step in designing our new classroom prototypes was to conduct empathy interviews with students. Now that I had learned from some of the big thinkers in redesigning schools, it was my job to come back and synthesize.

We agreed to partner with schools to implement research-based best practices in teaching and learning. I was just sixteen and on my way to being a mother. Tracy: Number one for all of us is: what is a good school? The PLP organizes assignments created by the teacher into an online platform for students to complete.

Recycling is no longer a novel concept. Tracy: We wanted to develop a strategy with each member having an equal say, so, in earlywe hired a consultant Education First Consulting and explored four potential strategies.

As a result of these insights, my innovation prototypes during the spring semester focused on ways to incorporate more student choice and voice into our current station rotation model. Many of the current structures in education were designed when America was the manufacturing capital of the world, when the workforce skills that were valued were having a defined set of knowledge and the ability to follow routines that were logical and linear and led to predictable, repeatable outcomes Pink, With our goal being to expand the number of quality seats in Kansas City, we felt it was important to support the teachers in those classrooms.

Above is the agenda projected for the day in an upper elementary reading classroom where students are given an objective—making inferences in this case—and presented with multiple ways to meet that objective.

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What may seem common sense to some is a first step often overlooked by many. I was at risk of entering these innovative classrooms across the country having already decided that there was no way what I saw would work in my own classroom.

For us, Donors Choose was one level of complexity; then, 5Essentials was a much different level of complexity and potential.

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Starting With Students: One Teacher’s Design Thinking Journey