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Very human. He gets a patient--bald, middle-aged, naked, delusional--whose symptoms confuse him. Kenneth Turan , who disliked the film, said of Grant's performance: "Though he doesn't have enough weight to stabilize the film when the plotting turns silly, overall he does a capable job in an unlikely role. As well, Myrick is an effective advocate for sacrifice in the name of progress. Call back and tell me how you decide. Had this man escaped from a different hospital? Running time: min. We had the same agendas, mercifully, so it was all right They were learning as they were doing Though undemanding, this is an enjoyable film, one of those movies that delights, not because it's masterfully made, but because it's better than you thought it was going to be. A million? The other challenge I had was that this was the first film they Hurley and Grant produced. I didn't know whether they were going to be dilettante producers To the movie's credit, it sees that the question is a good deal more complex than it appears.

The homeless Claude Minkins Shaun Austin-Olsen is assumed to be suffering from exposure to the elements and drug-related symptoms, neither of which is a big deal. Very human.

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Guy keeps digging, searching computer files and old records in a warehouse, despite a warning by his superior Paul Guilfoyle to drop the case. The patient eventually dies, and when Guy goes looking for the autopsy report, he is startled to discover that the body, and all records involving it, apparently have disappeared.

Director Michael Apted found it challenging working with Grant and Hurley.

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The movie, written by Tony Gilroyis pitched at a higher level than most thrillers; the dialogue is literate and intelligent, and Grant is more of an everyman than an action hero he tones down his light comedy mannerisms and emerges as a credible doctor.

But there are things a monkey could learn to do All the things you expect to happen in a thriller happen.

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Hackman has a much more difficult challenge.

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Extreme Measures , directed by Michael Apted