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It looks at various components that will make your academic writing stand out for all the right reasons, including paragraphing, style, tone, paraphrasing and punctuation.

What you'll learn to understand the basic tenets of academic writing to identify the different genres and the expectations of each one to overcome writer's block to stucture your ideas cohesively to write reader-friendly sentences to use appropriate tone to gain credibility to avoid plagiarism and to ensure your text respects the rules of general punctuation in English.

Each week is comprised of video lessons, followed by exercises and peer-review tasks, taking you through various aspects of academic writing.

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January 9, by Patricia Jenkins Refine Your Writing Skills with Free Online Courses The Babson Survey Research Group discovered in that every fourth university student chose to cover an online course while fewer and fewer higher educational representatives believe in the benefits of eLearning.

How many lectures does the course have? Book a placement test This is the ideal course if you need to improve your writing skills to achieve success at university either at under-graduate or post-graduate level.

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The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! This course is aimed primarily at high-intermediate to advanced non-native speakers of English who want to write better critical essays.

Besides, you will find out more not only about essays, term papers and dissertations but about written communication in the business sphere.

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When does the start and finish? The course is useful for homework and review.

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Introduction to Academic Writing