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For example, all rooms are easily accessible with a wheelchair or walker.

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I encourage anyone interested in investing in senior housing to consider these factors before choosing a specific investment opportunity. However, because they are more familiar to the general public, there is more comfort in the business model. Assisted living offers housing to people who live independently with a combination of care, services and well-being. A legitimate fund or REIT will be happy to produce performance records and audited financials, as well as relevant SEC and LLC formation and filing documentation to alleviate your concerns. Anton holds a M. This option requires an incredibly active role in the investment, a sizable amount of capital, as well as considerable knowledge of the local market and industry. Jonas holds a M.

Tina holds a Law degree from Uppsala University. Tax Reforms Will Make an Impact Anticipated cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—as well as a continually evolving healthcare market—will negatively impact the skilled nursing sector, which relies heavily on public funding.

While senior living is more common with older retirees, the most rapid growth is among those in the to age group. Tips for Future Investors Senior Housing is a highly complex sector that combines the facets of real estate, healthcare, hospitality and service.

Gustaf worked for seven years at AP3 and prior to that ten years with global tactical asset allocation at Alecta and AP1.

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As with any investment opportunity, every deal is different. According to AEW Capital Management, returns on Senior Housing tend to rely more upon income demographics of seniors and their children, as well as market supply and demand of a specific market, than they rely upon their location in primary, secondary or tertiary markets.

Our qualified and experienced team composed of lawyers, accountants and operational experts is available to assist from the very early stages.

Alternative investment fund senior life

Niklas holds an B. Dan began working with clients in the Senior Housing sector in Secondary Markets are Becoming a Primary Focus In , 30 percent of inventory growth occurred in just seven metro areas. While the demographics are favorable to senior-living facilities of all types, an oversupply could cut into their profitability and thus the profitability and cash flow of REITs investing in these properties. Before moving to London, Gustaf was Head of Asset Management and deputy CEO of the public pension fund AP3, one of the largest pension funds in Scandinavia with global investments in most asset classes. We focus on fund initiators, fund sponsors, fund managers and professional investors who set up investment funds within the alternative investment segment. Industry Operating Margins Will Be a Bit Tighter Rising interest rates are increasing the cost of capital for developers and operators.

Part of this is driven by a great range of senior-living options, including those where there is no immediate need for assisted-living care. Anton PozineHead of Portfolio Management Anton Pozine has extensive experience within the life settlements and longevity linked space.

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Get knowledgeable on the sector and specific projects. Multilingual and professional work-force — an English speaking country with professionals usually speaking four languages Fund listing on the Malta Stock Exchange Possibility of creation of umbrella funds Re-domiciliation regulation is in place Possibility of using foreign fund managers and custodians The most competitive tax structure within the EU, yet fully OECD compliant An excellent network of double taxation agreements Part of the Eurozone How can we help you?

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Since she manages her own company. The building consists of 54 apartments with a large diversity in types. Assisted living offers housing to people who live independently with a combination of care, services and well-being. Within this broad category, there are REITs that invest in senior-oriented apartments and communities, assisted living facilities and related properties, such as medical buildings. Currently, she works as Sales and Marketing consultant for a large Canadian asset manager, sits on the board for a Swedish tech company and is also active as an Angel investor in tech companies. For more information: www. Jonas holds a M. So read up. Should you wish to find out more about setting up in Malta, do feel free to get in touch. In others words, you should have many of the same questions that you would ask and research before investing in Apple, IBM or any other individual stock. A study by NAREIT economists yielded some interesting observations: Seniors are moving into senior housing with more frequency than in the past, and those moves are occurring at younger ages than in the past. All apartments have a spacious bathroom and balcony. Part of this is driven by a great range of senior-living options, including those where there is no immediate need for assisted-living care.
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