An analysis of nathaniel hawthornes story the house of seven gables

Toward the end of their conversation, the legend of Colonel Pyncheon and Matthew Maule surfaces, and Holgrave tells Phoebe that he means to publish some of the Pyncheon history in a magazine.

the house of the seven gables

The gold rush was on in California and with such economic opportunity feeding their dreams, Americans continued to seek land, wealth, and individual success.

However, every generation or so another Pyncheon appeared who seemed to possess Colonel Pyncheon's characteristics and would instill hope that the Pyncheons would return to their former glory once more. He is then put on trial for witchcraft and with Colonel Pyncheon's full support, is hung.

Such attempted avoidance of guilt is the genesis of all the ironic justice in The House of the Seven Gables. Nevertheless, having nothing else to be ambitious of, I have felt considerably interested in literature.

He turns cold in response and then thinking better of it, warms again.

house of seven gables summary by chapter

The old man fancies that he hears the shade of Alice Pyncheon playing sweet music. The narrator addresses him, asking if he has forgotten his appointments for the day, especially his dinner with important personages from throughout the state who he was hoping to persuade to nominate him as a candidate for governor.

Can you think of any other titles that he might have given the novel? Just before his death, Maule curses Colonel Pyncheon, who watches the proceedings from horseback. Holgrave falls in love with Phoebe and, in the final chapter, reveals that he is a descendent of Matthew Maule.

The younger Jaffrey destroyed a newly revised version of the elder Jaffrey's will, which favored Clifford, and successfully framed Clifford for their uncle's death.

An analysis of nathaniel hawthornes story the house of seven gables

Maule hypnotizes Alice, supposedly to help locate the documents. One of Hawthorne's best-known and respected novels is The Scarlet Letter Despite such hope and enthusiasm, the country was becoming increasingly divided on the issue of slavery. Research Hawthorne's life and discuss which people and events in his life seem to surface in this novel. When Phoebe first arrives at the House of the Seven Gables, she fixes up her living quarters. A second reading of The House of the Seven Gables, which runs six hours and is narrated by Joan Allen, is also available. Holgrave is a young and passionate character whose politics run contrary to the conservative ideals that the aristocratic Hepzibah embraces. He finds a spring — which Clifford now vaguely remembers — in the ancestral portrait and reveals that behind it lies the now useless deed to the Indian lands.

When she finally opens the shop door, she immediately runs inside the house to cry. The cobwebs and rust have been cleared away.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables: Summary & Analysis