An analysis of the need to carry out mentors professional development program plan

At what point or points in the programme will you ask for feedback?


Screenshots of animated case study for middle school science. We, therefore, provided a short in-person PD session that brought into view the dimensions of ESI to complement the online modules featuring best practices for mentoring novice teachers. Once coding was complete, we used the NVivo software to generate reports of coding frequency data for each individual transcript then combined data across transcripts to generate aggregate coding frequencies. Establish the aims and outcomes of mentoring in your school or institution Aims are the overall intentions for the mentoring programme and outcomes are what will happen as a result of it. Will the information you collect relate to the quality or the amount of mentoring provided, or a mixture of both? It could include the following: 1. It involves transferring experience and expertise so that the less-experienced colleague can develop their skills and achieve their goals.

What is the research behind mentoring? Do I have the time and space to meet regularly with my mentee? Problem solving techniques As well as effective questioning strategies, there are a number of problem-solving techniques that can help a mentee to consider their situation from different perspectives, making a discussion more productive and focused.

concept of mentoring

The first meeting The first meeting is an opportunity for the mentor and the mentee to get to know each other better and build a relationship. And we did, like, a lot of evidence and stuff. Here, the mentor switches off both internal and external distractions to allow them to focus more carefully on what the mentee is saying.

An analysis of the need to carry out mentors professional development program plan

This makes it more likely that they will have job satisfaction, as well as being ready for career-development opportunities when they arise. What is the mentor doing? Benefits for the mentee Mentoring gives the mentee the opportunity to reflect and learn from the advice and experience of others. Checklist for mentors If you are new to being a mentor and want to decide if it is right for you, it will help to ask yourself the following questions. Once goals are clearly defined, mentors can help mentees to break down their goals into manageable steps so that they can be achieved. It is important to leave enough time between meetings for the mentee to be able to carry out their action plan. A mentor does pass on experience and expertise which can benefit the mentee, but they also help by providing an opportunity for the mentee to talk through their problems and be listened to.

Sense-making: Students need opportunities to make sense of scientific ideas in light of data, make sense of their current thinking with respect to their initial ideas, and make sense of the scientific idea in light of related scientific phenomena.

As described in the following section, the hybrid PD that resulted used this ESI framework to foster a common language for science instruction among the mentors and mentees.

Working lives can be very busy, so it is important to be sure that you will be able to provide time and space away from distractions so that your mentee feels appropriately supported and listened to.

If the level of challenge is too high, the mentee will not feel that they can achieve expectations and if the level of support is overbearing, it becomes impossible for the mentee to develop skills and knowledge of their own.

We will discuss the benefits of mentoring, look at some research that supports mentoring and consider ways that it can work in practice. You could also ask for some initial background information about your mentee, why they have been selected for mentoring and what the intended outcomes of mentoring are for the mentee.

Will the feedback be provided at the end of the programme, during the programme or a mixture of both?

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Getting started with Mentoring