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The range of industries targeted by Dow Corning products spans from electronics and automotive to construction, healthcare and others.

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Instead of competing directly for market share with the German producers, Dow bought the cheap German-made bromides and shipped them back to Europe. In August , the site accidentally discharged 11, litres of perchloroethylene a carcinogenic dry cleaning chemical into the St. Pedro Reinhard. Within two years of the merger's closure, DowDuPont would be split into three separate public companies, focusing on the agriculture, chemical, and specialty product industries. PBB , which was being privatized by the Argentine government. William R. In December , Dow announced a series of moves to revamp the company. This led to numerous lawsuits beginning in and culminating in a multibillion-dollar class action settlement. The company began operating its first plant, in Midland, MI, in There are wide variations in the estimated number of individuals permanently disabled by the event.

Diversification and expansion[ edit ] From toDow built its first plant at Freeport, Texasin order to produce magnesium extracted from seawater rather than underground brine.

A gas cloud containing methyl isocyanate and other chemicals spread to the neighborhoods near the plant where more than half a million people were exposed to it. The case was a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service seeking a refund of the taxes paid.

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Dow Chemical assumed full ownership of Dow Corning on June 1, In the stated opinion, the Court termed the transactions "schemes that were designed to exploit perceived weaknesses in the tax code and not designed for legitimate business reasons".

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Also during the war, Dow and Corning began their joint venture, Dow Corningto produce silicones for military and, later, civilian use.

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