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combining art and writing

Merwin, among others. Explain literal vs. She went to see the piece, she saw the piece and how it was placed and all the other pieces around it, and so she made a series in which the woman in the red dress abandons the painting, leaves the painting, goes out into the museum and interacts with all these other paintings.

Inspiration can be drawn from the art piece, the feelings of its subject, or the process by which it was created. When children express their opinions based on logic and these details, they are analyzing art and using critical thinking skills. How do you know? Pretend that you are in the image, and describe what you see, smell, feel, and hear.

Share This Story. Do you see any unusual textures? The principles and ideas that Wright discusses are more universal than one expression of faith. Spatial relationships: How do the background and foreground relate?

art sketchbook cover designs

How are they made? Characters may be people, animals, or inanimate objects.

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