Basix case analysis

K ,A"I- brought in input supply companies to sell higher 4uality seeds made available research and technical advice! He has over 15 years experience in rural development and micro-finance. India budget and o!!

Another challenge for PepsiCo was to source the potato production all year round.

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Once the farmers agreed to participate, BASIX provided microfinance to them to buy seeds and other material for contract farming and also offered, at minimal charges, training modules and consulting to help upgrade their skills.

In addition maintenance support and insurance costs are 2H and AH o! Any outsider is welcome to spend three days with ,A"I-! However, as a result of the Indian Land Ceiling Act, no agri-business firm such as PepsiCo could own and cultivate land for its raw material requirements and the open market did not offer enough assured supply of desired quality potato.

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Working with formal financial institutions FFIs : While there is no doubt that most of the innovations in micro-finance have come from MFIs, it is time to mainstream these efforts. It has strong leadership strong processes and a strong culture.

Even though the marginal farmers in the poverty-ridden state of Jharkhand struggled to make ends meet, it was difficult to convince them because the seeds were more expensive, the farming technique was unfamiliar and the result was also pure conjecture.

Case study solutions can also provide recommendation for the business manager or leader described in the business case study. This is mainly due to the fact that the lending rates, cost of funds, operating costs and loan losses were not following a financially consistent model in the MFIs operating structure. It has strong leadership strong processes and a strong culture. Many of them have a background in development and social work and thus have felt the need for financially qualified staff to work in their organisations at senior levels. In addition to groundnut ,A"I- has been active in cotton vegetables dairy non1timber! In addition i! Encouraging Diversity: One of the striking features of the study is the enormous diversity of methodologies and legal forms that are being used by MFIs in India. The BASIX team, along with the PepsiCo team, guided these farmers on farming practices, which resonated well with the objective of livelihood promotion. In line with the demand!
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BASIX Case Analysis