Britnnia biscuits case study

britannia supply chain management case study

Firstly, improving quality of the products is an effective way appeal to more consumers. More precisely, if the factory is closed to the school where the students are the targeting market, the time 10 and the cost on transportation will reduce obviously.

Britannia delite biscuits

In addition, to cut the payment on employees, the biscuits manufacturer may recruit the workers from rural location settings where the salary is much lower than in the urban area. But Britannia was holding their ain clients with pride. The new corporate identity had three colours red symbolising energy and vitality , green nutrition and freshness and white purity which collectively represented what consumers looked for in foods and beverage. It was besides rated as the 2nd most sure nutrient trade name in and foremost in Furthermore, outsourcing may enlarge their producing capacity immediately as well as decrease the operational cost. Its net income had been on a diminution since First of all, saving cost would be a fast way to deal with the financial issues. Year Million kg. It is possible that Britannia scale up its business from India to the world and nutritious products could be a sustainable business based on the large scaled selling. The concept communicated perfectly BIL's potential value from physical to mental benefits.

Britannia is among the fastest turning FMCG companies in the last two old ages. The roundness communicated the value of nature Eat Healthy, Think Better. During the developmental process, care had to be taken to ensure that there was adequate representation of all social economic strata in urban and rural India, for 'Britannia' as a brand, cut across a cross-section of consumers.

Britnnia biscuits case study

As being the first India biscuits company, Britannias first step in the society food industry has significant influences on the market and followers, especially the potential risks, for example, how to attract customers and how to make a strategic marketing plan successfully.

For example, the company can improve the taste of the biscuits or add more minerals into the healthy food.

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The movement offered the company an awareness of the widespread national problem of malnutrition and ambition to extend the brand.

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Britannia Industries Ltd Company Analysis