Categories of environmental hazards

A contaminant is something introduced to the environment air and water that may or may not pose a significant health risk.

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Hygiene and health promotion and community mobilisation are critical interventions that help improve practices that are not useful to the community. Even right now as I type this paper Congress is debating as to allow nuclear waste to be stored in Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Preventing environmental hazards is crucial to the success of any company regardless of the scale of operations or industry. There is more information on these processes in Study Session 22 on solid waste management. For example, it is estimated that mortality during prolonged heat waves may increase 30 percent percent in U. The fluke gets into the water and the snail from the excreta of infected people. Depletion of stratospheric ozone by the release of chlorofluorocarbons CFCs , which has occurred over the Arctic as well as the Antarctic, leaves large populations worldwide at risk for adverse health effects from overexposure to ultraviolet radiation. Pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, and the bioaccumulation of chemicals in fish and seafood are additional concerns: it is estimated that 25 percent of all rivers, lakes, and streams in the United States cannot support "beneficial uses," including fishing and swimming, due to widespread pollution DHHS, While ergonomic hazards could pose problems in terms of productivity in the workplace, these risks could also cause workers disabling and career-ending injuries. Biological hazards arise from working with infected people or animals, or handling infectious waste and body fluids, as well as contact with unsafe water, food and waste.

Nurses working in community and public health settings could assist in educating the public about the hazards or safety of diets that consist of fish and seafood taken from local waterways and by explaining appropriate measures for rinsing pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.

Physical hazards also include ergonomic hazards which occur when the type of work, body position and working conditions put strain on your body. Later a new industry releases its liquid waste into the same river.

The evaluation may require appropriate design, sampling and laboratory investigation.

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Examples of Environmental Health Hazards. An example of recycling is taking used aluminium cans tin cans and recycle the metal to make it into something else. The community downstream did not like the taste of the water. Let us assume you have observed that one of the households in your area has a clean latrine but it has not been used for the last few months.

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