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You will use the NTNU title page. An updated version of the code can be downloaded from the repository at bitbucket. I might do it if I use it at some point myself. This will download your finished thesis. All pages will be marked with the filename, date, page number and visual indicators in the corners of the extra margin space, so fortunately it's not easy to forget.

If the bibliography is not changed only xelatex needs to run one single time.

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Both extensions do more or less the same thing, but have some differences. But many students will want one or more copies of their own thesis, and these may be ordered from the site you used for finalizing your product.

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Remember to run BibLaTeX too. A similar font called Neo Sans Intel is also a good alternative which typically contains more symbols. But one could also do just fine with just one of them. The actual content is not in any way examined or evaluated at thispoint; it is simply a tool ensuring that the PDF file has the quality required for submission, archiving, publication and printing. Finalizing is what you do between the time of finishing the writing process and the time of submission; this prepares the thesis for submission, possibly printing, archiving and possibly publication. Both extensions do more or less the same thing, but have some differences. Allot time for this during the finishing stage. Remember to put back to false before final hand-in. They may not be correctly displayed. They are both enabled with the settings in.

After validating the quality, you should create the cover and title page, and download the finalized product - this is the file you will be submitting when delivering your thesis.

I usually keep "Code Spell Checker" on all the time, and activate "Spell Right" periodically when I'm in mood for low-energy work and some extra spell checking. Fill in this page in a similar way and make sure your choices are in accordance with the ones you made for the cover.

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Finalizing the bachelor and master thesis