Costco financial objectives

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costco strategic audit

This also allows the company to sell and receive cash for inventory before it must pay many of its merchandise vendors. Threat of Substitutes: The wholesale club industry is at odds with discount retailers and grocers that offer comparable prices without the need for membership fees.

Costco core competencies

Brands are willing to drop their prices to get in the door of Costco because they know they may be the only brand of ketchup or toothpaste sold in the store. Positive image in terms of employees at reasonable price pay and social responsibility 8. The big-box retail literature has fixated almost exclusively on Walmart, examining its effects on a wide range of outcomes, including prices, labor market consequences, small business activity, time use, obesity, and social and cultural pointers. What are capped margins? Ask yourself: how many retailers do you know of that make the majority of their profit by selling the right to shop? It can focus membership fees based on income so its primary focus on it not only business customers but also on individual customers. Internal Strengths Weaknesses 1. Competition among these competitors is based on factors such as price, merchandise quality and selection, location, and member service. By including these special deal items to the cart, the total spend at the cash register expands. S-T Strategy: Costco can identify ways to leverage its strengths to reduce its vulnerability to threats. This behavior diverges severely with the type of consumer who has the self-control to fill up on everyday consumables at everyday low prices.

Ask yourself: how many retailers do you know of that make the majority of their profit by selling the right to shop? They leverage no bargaining power other than switching to competitors.

Costco makes most of its profit from membership fees, not margins on product sales. The discount warehouse services industry is highly competitive.

costco weaknesses

As a consequence, entrants will be met with aggressive incumbent competitors and low profit margins that would make entry very costly and unappealing. Costco can expand in e-commerce. After analyzing these key financial ratios, there is solid evidence to show that Costco Wholesale Corporation is a healthy company that is showing success in all areas of financial performance.

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Costco Wholesale’s Generic and Intensive Growth Strategies