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Look at the pictures below:. Some children went as far as from 20 pound, well done! Towards the end of the week we used our knowledge of place value to solve reasoning problems which some of us found really tricky. Homework goes out today.

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This week, we have worked hard to embed our Fractions skills in Maths. After deciding that the winner would be Lord Armstrong, we then set about writing and performing a short sketch which we would perform in front of four other schools at Walbottle High. Next week, Miss Smith will choose 2 monitors to write it. Autumn term We are making catapults in Science Week. Some of us included action in our conversations, making our writing more detailed and interesting for the reader, well done! Some children went as far as from 20 pound, well done! It was lovely to see such support for our classmates and they did Waterside proud. Find someone to act it out with over the holidays, using action and speech verbs. Take a look at some photographs below

To do this, we used a Mars Bar. In the afternoons, we have been looking at Kandinsky's work.

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Take a look at some photographs below: To introduce our new topic of Tremors we made our own erupting volcanoes. We found out that the foil, high-visibility jacket and mirror were reflective.

Can you remember any of our topic language?

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We all showed great determination this week, Miss Smith is very pleased with our efforts. Week 29 - 29th April Welcome back! When we came in from lunchtime, the classroom was such a mess and we had to find out what had happened. Look at the photographs below of our learning: Week 31 - 13th May This week we have started to write our setting descriptions of Sophie's journey. Our Achiever this week is Jack. Some of us moved onto applying this with 3 digit numbers, well done! Some of us struggled but it was the first time we'd tried and every adult said we were very eager and determined to learn.

This week in English we have started to write a character description about the Wicked Witch of the West. A brutal giant has escaped the Queen's arrest and we need to find him before he causes any more harm. We tested many different surfaces before making our recommendations.

Dadwavers writing a check

Well done! He needed lots of friction to provide good grip to the floor. Upon close inspection we realised we could see so much more that we initially thought about the illustrations. We also took part in lots of activities in school including creating our own Mehndi, mindfulness colouring, Eid related maths problems and an acrostic poem. We used our geographical knowledge of its physical and human features to do so. Try and persuade a family member to go using all of our persuasive features power of 3, alliteration, exaggeration, positive adjectives and rhetorical questions Lastly, we observed shadows and experimented how shadows changed when the light source got closer or further away. The stiff gate was opened with a light push by the mysterious Dr Kalmenius.

Our Summer 1 Learning Environment Week 28 - 6th April I think we're all ready for a break after the busy week we've had. We had to check the change we were given in the shop and say 'Excuse me!

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We also had a visit from a pottery workshop where we made our own Greek pots. Friday - Homework due in. In English we have been continuing to write our informal letters using subordinating conjunctions, informal language and using a chatty style. We used forceometers and recorded our results clearly. Description - Regimental music echoed around the dusty shop, drab black and white photographs looked down from the walls upon a battered, worn trumpet of a decrepit gramophone. Can you see which parts the layers of a Mars Bar represent with Earth? We found out that the foil, high-visibility jacket and mirror were reflective. I hope you've had a lovely week off and enjoyed time with your families. Below are some examples of the standard we have received. Week 26 - 25th March This week has been SO busy! He wondered to himself before picking up the shining instrument. Thursday - Spellings. We then performed them in a News Report style scenario using a loud, clear voice with expression. We used our geographical knowledge of its physical and human features to do so. We impressed her with our knowledge of fruits and vegetables, some of them were very unusual.
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