Dangerous jobs

They are responsible for securing items to be lifted and can work on construction projects, logging yards, shipyards, or in the entertainment industry.

most dangerous jobs in history

Grounds Maintenance Workers. Transportation incidents were the leading cause of death for these workers. Supervisors of Construction Workers Surprisingly, construction workers themselves did not make the top 10 most dangerous jobs ofbut their supervisors did.

The fatal work injury rate is calculated perfull-time equivalent workers. These workers most commonly die in transportation incidents while on the job. Most common fatal accidents: Contact with objects and equipment.

Rail-track laying and maintenance equipment operators Fatal injury rate: Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers. Total: 44 fatal injuries, 4, nonfatal injuries. Painters, Construction and Maintenance.

what is the number 1 most dangerous job in the world

Going into dentistry might be more dangerous than it appears. These are the 10 most dangerous jobs ofas reported by Newsweek : 1.

top 10 most dangerous jobs 2018

The derrick is the structure above a well that holds the drilling equipment, while the drill rotates to displace the earth.

Total: fatal injuries, 77, nonfatal injuries.

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Dangerous Jobs