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It is a modern text processor that delivers fast and robust text processing for different text formats. A canvas for creativity. For example, a Filter might include documents that contain certain keywords or be based on when you wrote or modified a document, etc. Filters are kind of like Smart Folders in Apple Mail and allow you to create living folders that have content in them based on specific criteria. Or you could create a Markdown presentation in Ulysses that can be displayed in Deckset. And while we know that some people will balk at the fact that Ulysses is a subscription, we feel it is a fair price for a professional writing tool. You can use Ulysses on all your Macs, iPads, and iPhones, relying on an identical feature set. So how can you decide if the subscription is worth it to you?

Be it love letters, simple notes, daily blog posts or a Great American Novel — with Ulysses, your writing is in the best of hands. Users can add circles, signatures, highlights, and more. You can, for example, choose an export style and a page size when your output is going to be a PDF document, but not when exporting as text or HTML.

The recent release of version 15 is evidence of this, sporting a new split-screen feature that allows you to work in two sheets at once as well as enhancements to keyword search and management, and much more.

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We believe that paying a subscription fee for a professional tool is a great business model, providing the company the resources it needs to keep the app updated. It is a modern text processor that delivers fast and robust text processing for different text formats.

The same goes for Pages.

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Do you want all the details? Do you feel disturbed by countless menus? Third, do you have a SetApp subscription already? Just tap or click to find the content you want. Both LibreOffice Writer versions support various file formats and can also export documents to PDF format without the need to install additional software. Version history works a lot like Time Machine for your Mac, only for your writing in Ulysses. It includes all the essentials, and the TextMaker interface is designed to easily create interactive documents with fields and bookmarks that can be saved as PDFs. You can also see a much larger version of your sheet goal located in the Attachments pane.

Do you sometimes struggle with distractions? This can be handy if you use another location or app to capture ideas but you want to flesh them out and do the actual writing in Ulysses.

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Design is vitally important as it should strive to eliminate visual barriers so you can enter into a state of flow easily and do your best creative work.

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