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In this case, we do not know how much of this gain was a result of general learning and maturity. Minnesota State University, Mankato andrew. Which is more effective? This and the other steps are described in detail in the chapters that follow. What does the research literature say about the best ways to meet the special needs of gifted learners in a general education classroom? Describe an instance where you would have made a different decision than what was made regarding your school or classroom. Describe some theory or bit of research that seems to have no direct link to your teaching situation. What are some problems in your classroom or school that you would like to solve? At the same time, this data is used to understand or inform theories and research related to best practice. Using quantitative methods, she found that when using her new approach, students showed a statistically significant gain in their ability to spell words over the period of three months. The Action Research Quadrant Figure 3. The goal is simply to understand. Research articles in academic journals can sometimes get overly descriptive, use jargon common to a very few, and focus on methodology and hypothetical notions that are not germane to the daily needs of teachers.

The practical theorist: The life and work of Kurt Lewin. A Quick Overview of Action Research The action research process involves five essential steps or parts. They also are able to use the methodologies that compliment their own particular philosophy and teaching style.

Determine what it is you want to study. Many of your observations might be a quick note with the date and time recorded, whereas others might be longer and more formal.

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However, plans and the type of data you collect can change as you get into your study. The duration of observations might be anywhere from 1 minute to an hour or more.

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What do teachers see as the use or uses of educational research? Also, some action research projects incorporate a sixth step, which is to put the findings or the question in a theoretical context called the literature review.

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You create your plan for action based on your findings. How does this compare with what is currently being done in a particular school or district? Empowered teachers are able to bring their talents, experiences, and creative ideas into the classroom, and implement programs and strategies that best meet the needs of their students. Some action researchers do a short review of the literature before they begin collecting data, to provide a framework for the data collection. Although data can be collected, analyzed, and presented with a certain amount of freedom, you must create a systematic way of looking. What sorts of professional development activities are used by principals and administrators in a particular school or district? You may be wondering how action research differs from traditional research. Miller did an action research project using quantitative methods to compare two approaches to reading instruction in his second-grade classroom. The goal is simply to understand.

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