Elections waste of money

letter to the editor of a newspaper regarding wastage of money in election

And, if not, that's just the way it goes. More money will be spent by the candidates in these races, but also by those who would like to influence the outcome. The third solution is to go the Sean Gallagher route.

wastage of various resources during elections

Now the mode of transport is no more the 'Paidal Yatras' but helicopters have taken over it. I think I am. In Punjab they called various artists to perform Bhangra. But it turns out, most of the problems are self-inflicted by the very politicians who demand that voters empower them to fix the mess they created.

It has all played out innumerable times before.

Elections waste of money

And, beginning around the mids, they began making serious progress on understanding how ads actually affect whether people vote and who they vote for. Democrats were leery. But self-funding does not resolve the democratic dilemma of responsiveness. To show power during the election rallies boost up their chance of winning. Generally, the only exceptions are candidates like Rick Scott, who already hold elective office. If the timeframe was narrowed to seven days before an election, would many candidates decide to expedite their poster campaigns in favour of larger canvasses? What else will be more shameful that in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand these leaders bring bar girls to dance in their rallies. In , a legislative consultant calculated there had been special elections since for the Legislature and U. It has all played out innumerable times before. Some assert that self-financed candidates or those candidates who can demonstrate widespread support from small donors can allay concerns about the potential influence of donors on candidates and elected officials.
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