Essay about illiteracy in india

Essay about illiteracy in india

Most of these schools are deprived of funds, qualified staff, proper seating arrangements, sanitation facilities, healthy food and education friendly environment. The personal and mental growth of a person is also affected by education. Education for minorities has always been a concern for all governments. The literacy variations are quite significant between the developed and the developing countries. Is it helpful to you? Posted by. India is the second largest populated country in the world and its illiteracy rate is also high. It is true that this percentage includes everyone who knows how to read and write a few alphabets, and may not be considered a true indicator of education; however, the rise in the percentage is quite noticeable. It is easy to see how the illiteracy in India would certainly impact each and every aspect of their lives like health, employment opportunities, family planning, etc.

Actually, the condition of being incapable of writing or reading is known as illiteracy. Several other schemes too had been launched to ensure the right to education in the country.

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While we understand that for the wholesome growth of a country, education plays an indispensable role, for one or the other reason, we are lagging behind when it comes to dealing with the illiteracy in India. Through this scheme, the Government of India has the vision that if it is able to educate the children of our country, the rate of illiteracy in India of the current and future generations shall come down drastically.

Poverty becomes a root cause of the widespread illiteracy in India. Although the literacy rate in the country has enhanced to Institutions with unhygienic washrooms, improper seating and classroom facilities, unhealthy canteens or food items will affect the rate of illiteracy in India.

A nation whose large number of population are uneducated can never aspire to become developed and prosperous.

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Unemployment can also be related to illiteracy in India. However, with the increase in urbanisation and acceptance of modern techniques and occupations, there has been a shift with people opting for other occupations as well other than agriculture. Education must be made free; this must include fees, books, uniforms, food, stationeries and everything that the child needs.

The primary reason for this book. The root cause for high illiteracy rate in India is Poverty. But the Right to Education still needs to be extended so that we reach not only the children but also include the adult population of the country.

Now people are more than ready to send their children to school.

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Solutions to the Problem of Illiteracy in India: To eliminate the problem of Illiteracy in India and to fetch the economic, social, as well as political developments, all the educated people and students must join their hands altogether in all probable manners. There are steps taken by the government to reduce illiteracy in India. It is not surprising, therefore, that the countries with the high birth rates have high proportion of illiterate population. In other words, the resources created to educate people, fall short and this brings us back to the same endless loop of illiteracy in India. Poor households due to the lack of skills and knowledge involve themselves with unskilled labour in order to save bread for the family, thus, this reduces the focus from achieving education as the main focus deviates to earning income so as to be able to survive in the society. The same criterion has been retained in the census of and The inner athlete mind plus muscle for winning. Education perhaps has taken a backseat due to the primitive mindsets of the people. In fact, they have also declared the year as the Global Literacy year.
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