Essay on eco tourism in nepal

With the enactment of National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act,the effort related to ecotourism started.

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Many organizations are now working on the field and awareness is increasing. Ecotourism in Nepal is promoted through wildlife, nature and culture based tourism.

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Nepal has long experienced the need of ecotourism since there has been an increased flow of tourists and its adverse impacts started to be felt different fields. Rather you can contribute by sponsoring for the education of one of these children, if you so like. Nudity and public show of affections are suggested to avoid avoiding in Nepal.

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Glistening clusters of peaks in the Himalayas, green forestgently slopping hills, whitewaters, fertile valleys with unique diverse of flora and fauna become always main attractions in Nepal.

So Nepal aims to develop ecotourism as a key vehicle supported by different national and international agencies focusing in environmental conservation and poverty alleviation.

Ecotourism meaning in nepali

Ecotourism can engage the stakeholders of tourism industry for preservation of ecology while reaping benefits from the industry. Simikot, Humla Development Package: From above mentioned trends of tourism growth in Nepal it is easy to speculate that tourism in Nepal is gradually heading towards mass tourism. All these bottles and cans are carried back to Kathmandu on helicopter from these collection points. But it is generally believed that the importance and necessity of ecotourism was realized significantly with the enactment of the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act in and establishment of various natural Protected Areas in the hope of conservation of ecosystem and development in community and other sector in an integrated way. Against this alarming backdrop, the practice of ecologically friendly-tourism has been gaining increased momentum — both in Nepal and around the World. Ecotourism could provide maximum benefits for local communities with environmental conservation through maximum involvement of all stakeholders of the tourism industry to aware the need of ecotourism as a responsible tourism to promote balance development in the country. Nepal tourism is highly popular as it has the highest mountain peak of the world, the Mount Everest. We practice responsible ecotourism which includes programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment, and enhance the cultural integrity of local people.
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Ecotourism In Nepal