Essay on merits and demerits of education system in pakistan

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Due to this strictness and hardness, the students maintain balance under co-education system by studying together. Education Research Papers Education research paper topics. As unawareness discourages female education it is also the reason for less efficient madras system. Pe of educational system and that? There should be career counselling of the pupils in schools so that they have an understanding of job market and they can develop their skills accordingly. The government should try to run that co-education system in which Islamic levels never be ignored. Then there is second education system specially designed for an elite class. The students look upon a degree as a passport to employment in a commercial commodity which can be purchased if you pay the price. It is due to low literacy rate and unawareness that girls are not appreciated. The second approach is to get education for the sake of personal development and learning.

Vantages and disadvantages of co education. Government is also not serious in proper planning and any concrete steps for education progress. Same is he case with all ministers and government high officials.

Essay on merits and demerits of education system in pakistan

There is no check and balance and no gatekeepers for the whole management of the funds for education. Parents should be trained as to how they should behave with their children in different matters.

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The writer is an MPhil scholar. Firstly the people who belong to the upper strata of the society they do not send their children in these local schools rather their children go to abroad for studying.

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That is A-level and O-level education system and then there are many sources available for elite class to go abroad for higher education. The provincial education departments need to work out financial resources required for realising the compliance of Article A.

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