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Article 3 1.

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The sample shall be supplied only if the person requesting it undertakes, for the term during which the patent is in force: a not to make it or any material derived from it available to third parties; and b not to use it or any material derived from it except for experimental purposes, unless the applicant for or proprietor of the patent, as applicable, expressly waives such an undertaking.

Feeling pinched between the US and Hollywood to the west, and Soviet communism to the east, some intellectuals set out to define and distinguish Europe, revising that old idea for a new and threatening age. In case of inventions, natural laws are applied in an unprecedented constellation to solve a given problem, whereby the first description or application of this technology constitutes an invention.

Who gets to decide which works of art are representative of European culture? The applicant's requests referred to in point b of paragraph 2 and in paragraph 4 may only be made up to the date on which the technical preparations for publishing the patent application are deemed to have been completed.

After the First World War, that confidence was harder to feel. Applicants for the licences referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 must demonstrate that: a they have applied unsuccessfully to the holder of the patent or of the plant variety right to obtain a contractual licence; b the plant variety or the invention constitutes significant technical progress of considerable economic interest compared with the invention claimed in the patent or the protected plant variety.

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‘European culture’ is an invented tradition