Examine the representation of afghanistan and its refuges in a variety of print media essay

Once the burial was complete the mourners moved down the hillside, away from the grave which had been covered with pink rose petals and plump marigolds, to make a final communal prayer and offer personal condolences to Jamshid's father.

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As to the bias and audience at which the article is aimed at. The headquarters of the international Resolute Support military mission are also close by. It was 32 degrees when three men, each towing fully laden carts of firewood arrived at our house with the fuel that would see us through the upcoming winter. It was after 11pm by the time Cath, a fellow Australian journalist that lives nearby turned up for a nightcap tonight. After a while, he started pleading with me to open the door. Fresh fruits are eaten during the day or as a dessert. Some might think my process sounds slow. Around 6 a. UNHCR should: Work with the Iranian government to ensure Afghans seeking asylum in Iran can enter Iran, lodge refugee claims, and have those claims fairly and efficiently reviewed; also work with Iran to ensure no registered refugees are forced to return to Afghanistan. The Afghan government estimated that , Afghan visa holders would be required to leave Iran by September 6 if no extension is granted. Only Afghans holding a valid Amayesh card can register for a new one and are considered legally present as refugees, while those with expired cards are subject to deportation.

Over the back fence is a mosque with PA system, so the story goes, donated by a major embassy nearby as a gesture of goodwill.

Political, economic and social institutions are being formed to expedite the process of reconstruction, but it will take a long time to make these institutions work effectively and efficiently. The porous Pak-Afghan border has made it more difficult for Pakistan to check and prevent new refugees from entering, despite the change in its policy towards them.

The article provides an overview of the underlying problems and multifaceted stumbling blocks being faced in the process.

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For example, radio adapted to the emergence of television rather than simply fading away. After two long days of shooting, I was keen to get into the laborious but satisfying editing process. Rather than simply decline my handshake, he pulled some slack out of his scarf and used it to cover his hand before shaking mine. The play is set just before WW1 and the Titanic sinking etc. As most of the refugees and the IDPs did not have the financial resources to travel and cast their vote, they felt frustrated at being sidelined by their own government. Consider providing additional support to the Iranian government to assist with costs associated with the Afghan refugee population in Iran, including to improve their access to education and healthcare. The International community must come forward and assist the process in letter and spirit. Clockwise from top left: typical Afghan shoes no socks , a multi-adapter power board, two shalwar kameez and skull-cap pastels are the colours of choice in the province to which I'm travelling , flak jacket, kevlar helmet and first aid kit. Many people believe that if a funeral is not carried out properly, the ghost of the dead will return to torment the living. The modern nation emerged during the eighteenth century by Pashtun tribes in reaction to the decline of the Persian and Indian empires. Be clear and concise, and explain your answers. Later, in December , Tahavori said there were 3 million Afghans in total in Iran. Bibliography Adamec, Ludwig W. Other interviewees were in complete crisis. The political agent of the North Waziristan Agency, Zaheerul Islam, said the refugees must leave or action would be taken against them.

The Afghan government estimated thatAfghan visa holders would be required to leave Iran by September 6 if no extension is granted.

This shows an example of propaganda that has been uncovered by the reporter who has actually visited the camp.

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Although the hassle of getting through the security cordon is prohibitive and has prevented me from ever sampling the fruits of his labour, Ahmad makes a carrot cake that sells out daily.

Hides, wool, dried and fresh fruits, and pistachios are exported, but narcotics account for the bulk of export receipts.

Examine the representation of afghanistan and its refuges in a variety of print media essay

Women face overwhelming obstacles if they seek to work or study or obtain access to basic health care. The Afghan government is struggling desperately, and often failing, to manage the humanitarian, economic, security, and governance challenges it already faces. The dead are buried rapidly in a shroud. Based on Iranian government statistics, 57 percent of Afghans documented and undocumented live in the provinces of Tehran, Khorsan-e Razavi, and Esfahan, 22 percent live in the provinces of Kerman, Fars and Qom, 13 percent live in Alborz, Semnan and Markazi, and 8 percent live in Qazvin, South Khorasan, Khuzestan the refugee camp of Baninajar located in rural Khuzestan , Gilan, and Mazandaran. Prior to publishing this report, Human Rights Watch contacted Iranian authorities, shared its findings and recommendations, and requested in-person meetings to further discuss the details of the report. With the survey in Pakistan, the overall demography of the Afghan refugee population is now known. He'd picked them straight from a tree at his office for me. It would have been more useful if this process had been carried out at the beginning of the repatriation program; with the repatriation process underway, the survey was something of a delayed measure. He has worked for the organisation ever since and, still carrying a heavy limp, pays regular home visits to as many as spinal cord patients. Once the repatriation completes, the Afghan government should take measures to involve them in the reconstruction process so that the sense of belonging accelerates and peace initiatives increase. Excavations of prehistoric sites by Louis Dupree and others at Darra-e Kur in where stone implements were recovered along with a fragment of Neanderthal right temporal bone , suggest that early humans were living in what is now Afghanistan at least 52, years ago. Some groups are egalitarian, but others have a hierarchical social organization. One of them always hops to attention, ushers me into a chair, and works his fingers through my hair, assessing the best way to tackle the task ahead. The process of… Corruption in Print Media Corruption in the print media, specifically in newspapers, greatly alters the news and distorts the facts. The Census of Afghans, undertaken in all locations in Pakistan, shows that , Afghan families, constituting 3,, individuals currently reside in the country.

However, the results — in short, the presence of over 3 million Afghans — presented a grave challenge for both the host country and UNHCR. It is a period of mourning and sorrow. In this context a legend recorded by Husang Tsang refers to the first two lay disciples of Buddha, Trapusa and Bhallika responsible for introducing Buddhism in that country.

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