Get signed by a major

They have operating costs for distribution, marketing, design etc and need to generate revenue to cover those costs. It will also expand your fanbase to help increase your online stats, such as Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers.

Want to learn how to do that? Listen music you look up to as much as you can and get your ear trained. If you rush things, you might not have had enough time to bond and can not reap the benefits. So, your goal is to make sure that the impression you leave is as good as it possibly can be.

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Turnover is ridiculously high. Download a step-by-step checklist on how to get signed to a record label Preparation Export the right quality — make sure to send tracks in the right format.

How to get signed to a record label

Ask relevant questions. You might not be ready to sign yet but you would have made a positive impression that could serve you well in the future. Setting yourself apart Here comes the hard part. Earlier we discussed how the bigger a label gets, the more demos they receive. The bigger the label, the harder this will be. Or have you ever wanted to know how artists get through to major labels and end up getting signed? As I mentioned, the majority of people that get a record deal these days are people with a proven track record.

You Must Release New Music Continually You will also need to invest in the best engineering and production you can afford. Not only will a little cash come into your pocket, but you also get a free promotion every time someone wears your tee.

This will help your fans become more interested in you and your music and help you learn more about what your fans want to hear. It shows that people believe in your music 2.

Submit using GigFaster We made it as easy as to submit to hundreds of indie record labels. Leave them below!

Record labels looking for artists to sign

This is the most time consuming step of this whole process and needs to be executed with a lot of persistence and attention to detail. Make sure that they remember you for the right reasons. Growing these relationships can be a tough task though. Getting on the right record label is all important, as only the right record label can give you the right record deal. Best way, as we already said, is to listen tracks of producers you look up to and constantly compare them with your tracks. We will get to that through some other posts. Sign On The Dotted Line Does the above seem time-consuming, expensive, difficult, or even unreasonable? Now, we are going to talk about a few steps you should take to guarantee it truly is. Our goal here is to create friends or at least acquaintances. Put in some effort. This tends to be why a lot of artists become successful. Make sure all of your social and branding are on point before you do. Download it below.

You need to make this process as convenient as possible for them.

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How To Get A Record Deal, The SHOCKING Truth About Getting Signed