How did your family shape your character

This includes teaching right and wrong, religious education, teaching about interacting with people, and rules and expectations. That's the thing, there is no ONE story to describe who you are.

That could add a little more depth to the piece. They are all amazing.

role of family in shaping personality

As we grow, we learn many things from our family that are beneficial to our society. Sarah, the ambitious CEO who micromanaged her team, spoke with one of the few people she trusted, an old business school friend.

How did your family shape your character

Well that's just the wonderful thing about friendships - they are countless, exciting, and spontaneous. My aunt passed away at a very young age.

How has your family influenced who you are essay

This is what makes each individual unique from everyone else. I also feel that I became too repetitive in some parts and added miscellaneous information so if you see anywhere that I am would you tell me how to fix that? Were relations with your extended family such as aunts, uncles and cousins close or distant? Depending on family dynamics and fate, that script could be written by Frank Capra or Tennessee Williams. So if a CEO reminds a team member of his angry father, the team member will cower just as he did when he was young. From my experience with friends who have traveled to other countries, they have said it was an amazing experience and that have learned so much about different cultures. Who knows what can happen today?

My parents had to raise themselves. I was taught this at a very young age and it has been embedded in me ever since.

how does family influence your identity

Maybe it was when we were submitting our college applications and sent our personal statements to our dream schools. They helped me make decisions, and when I was old enough to understand, I made my own.

Our parents went through the concepts of life, and they were exposed to society as a kid and an adult, which we learn as we get older as well. Thank you so much!

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Family Shapes You to Become Who You Are. « Alora