How to write a reminder email to your professor

Reminder email to professor for meeting

All my letter writers could remember the rigors and stress of application time and no one seemed put off by this. Often teachers do not want to write recommendation letters when they do not find the student particularly outstanding. I appreciate all your help and support! I write a raft of recommendation letters each year, and I appreciate being kept "on task. Do not forward the original message you are reminding about with the same subject. I appreciate the assistance. If there is anything else that you need from me writing samples, grades in other courses, etc. I asked a professor to write a letter of recommendation for me in early December, with a deadline of January 15th as a concrete date. As a reminder, the letter was due on January 15th, and I'd like to make sure that everything in my application goes as smoothly as possible. They will probably do it on the spot for you if they aren't otherwise occupied. The friend was absolutely flabbergasted - why not just say so?? And I will second holyrood that it is better to stop by their office if you can.

And I will second holyrood that it is better to stop by their office if you can. Therefore e-mail reminders should be used sparingly when the person who is being reminded: a has promised or is obliged to do something; b has likely forgotten this commitment; and c will face disagreeable consequences if this commitment is ignored.

I sent him a few polite reminder emails to which he responded-- the final one he sent said, "I've just written the letter and will mail it out tomorrow.

Don't ask, just remind; and an implication that it was "lost" rather than forgotten is a good face-saving gesture. Why not email? Then your reminder will be part of an agreement and be well received. Dear Dr.

My thinking at the time was that way it didn't seem like I was singling out anyone in particular. So-and-So: Thanks very much for agreeing to write me a letter of recommendation. Thanks again, and thanks for keeping me informed.

polite reminder email sample

I look forward to hearing back from you. That is why you may want to turn to another teacher or perhaps clarify that you do not necessarily need an all-shine letter.

This is a gentle reminder regarding the email below

Just last week I got a note from a program I applied for saying they were missing my supervisor's letter, which was odd because my supervisor had told me he submitted it. She's genuinely concerned about me going to grad school and is probably one of my best referees; she just happens to be really forgetful about that sort of thing. I said something like this: Dear professor, Thanks again for agreeing to do a reference for me. You may refer to the earlier request but do not repeat it — most likely the professor has read it and decided not to respond. Profs get a lot of e-mails and there is a chance your prof will not get to your message right away. Let me illustrate these points by some examples from real-life emails I have received: Example 1 From: Student To: Professor Subject: Kind reminder Dear Professor Let me remind you that last week I asked you to write me a recommendation letter …. I just mentioned that the deadline was approaching and I think I just asked everyone to quickly reply with whether or not they had sent in their letter. Yes, busy profs do need reminders because reminder notes get lost in the pile around the holidays.

My school provides a reference letter service that collects all of my reference letters and then sends them to the necessary places, and I can see online that the professor has not sent my letter in yet.

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Sending A Reminder Email To A Professor?