How to write a songfic

And because the story is 10 chapters long, I distributed the lyrics so that they showed up every two chapters.

Do the lyrics mesh with the prose? Or dance to it or get down to it The world the author creates is what gives reading life. Tolkien was quite fond of including songs in his books, Lewis Carroll included poetry, which has a musicality all its own.

fanfiction songs

Another Friendship is Magic fanfic, the infamous Rainbow Factoryintersperses the lyrics of the Wooden Toaster song 'Rainbow Factory' throughout the story. Say an old farmer named Dave needed a farmhand. It is just one scene of the person singing, with the paragraphs between lyrics being thoughts of the characters involved.

Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. First reason: I've seen a number of brilliantly-done songvids; I suppose there's an assumption that you can get the same impact from a piece of fic that incorporates lyrics from a song.

I've heard that the best way to write a sex scene is to write it all in one go.

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How do you write a songfic? *ten points best answer*!?