How to write a thesis for a compare and contrast question

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Without a strong thesis, an essay will be weak and will not convey an effective main ideaThe most important or central thought of a reading selection. This lesson will help you differentiate between the two types of thesis statements and give you the tools to develop your own thesis statements. Think about it this way—if someone handed you this list… …you would probably wonder why the heck the person just did that. Example You write: Though eccentric, both Gandalf and Dumbledore resemble kind-hearted grandfatherly figures when they first appear in the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series, respectively. For example, it is very obvious that cats and dogs are different. Compare and contrast features Another key in crafting a good thesis statement for compare and contrast essay is evaluating the features of the two objects under discussion. Prompt: Explain the similarities and differences between the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters. Pro tip 1: Pick topics that interest you. You could reply: Both characters are powerful wizards capable of terrible destruction, but showing them as kind old men humanizes and establishes them as protagonists that the reader can root for rather than fear. The Civil War could be said to have arisen from a fundamental dispute over freedom: which is more sacred, freedom for individuals, or freedom from government? How-to guides, timelines, and biographies are all examples of expository writing. Your friend says: So what? This type of essay shows how things are alike in some ways compare as well as how they are different in other ways contrast. Assignments, sometimes called promptsInstructions for a writing assignment given by an instructor. It is asking you to make a comparison and choose between the two options.

The following prompts require explanatory thesis statements because they are asking the writer to compare two things without taking a particular stance on whether one is better or worse. He teaches English composition courses, tutors a diverse student body in a writing center, and designs online learning modules for comp and business writing.

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Did you like the article? In all of these cases, an effective thesis statement is the foundation of your writing.

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By doing this, you can know whether the two objects are more similar or they greatly differ so that you can write your statement. Stuck on Your Essay? Did you know that Kibin has a neat tool that can help you build that thesis if you get stuck? Developing a Thesis for a Compare and Contrast Essay Learning Objectives: Determine when to use an explanatory thesis or an evaluative thesis for a compare and contrast essay.

compare and contrast thesis statement samples
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Compare and Contrast Thesis Statements: how to write