How to write an expression in simplified form for the area of a rectangle

Chinese and Indian authors wrote extensively on algebraic ideas and achieved a great deal in the solution of equations. And then our equation becomes 2rp is greater than 14r squared. And we want to find the difference.

So the area here is going to be p-- or maybe I should say 2rp.

how to find the area of a rectangle with algebraic expressions worksheet

I gave the equation of the area of a circle to be pi r squared. Answer: 110 and 38 measures. So let's think about this. Modeling with polynomial functions Video transcript Write a binomial to express the difference between the area of a rectangle with length p and width 2r and the area of a circle with diameter 4r.

This r is the general term for any radius.

Write a polynomial that represents the length of the rectangle calculator

And then we said that the radius is actually 2r in this case. So the difference is going to be the area of the rectangle, which we already figured out is 2rp. Indian mathematician Aryabhata, in his treatise Aryabhatiya, obtains whole-number solutions to linear equations by a method equivalent to the modern one. So what's the area of the circle going to be? I gave the equation of the area of a circle to be pi r squared. So our circle looks like that. Actually, why did I even multiply this by 2r? It has a length of p and it has a width of 2r. So they're telling us that p is greater than 7 r. This is the length times the width, or the width times the length. And they tell us that p is greater than 7r. So I substituted 2r for r. They later told us that the actual radius is 2 times some letter r. The book included the solutions to the cubic and quartic equations.
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Find the Area of a rectangle please help