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The trainee was assigned a duty of receiving bid documents from potentials suppliers. To the University.

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Enable to gain and disseminate knowledge among academicians, students, researchers, and institutions of higher education.

Oxford University Printing Press, Britain. My goals of correlating the knowledge gain in the classroom to the working environment as well as gaining good working experience and skills at work field were achieved successfully.

School of Graduate Studies Since the university has these six main colleges then college that I have chosen as an attachment and made report was the college of business and public administration.

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Promote by research and other means the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological problems. At those Departments, the descriptions of nature of work done are categorized under the following: a. Recommendations While it should be noted that the program, BA in Media and Communication, was well executed in terms of units being covered, it is also in order for the department to review the syllabus with view of incorporating more practicals. During my attachment period, I performed these tasks; pre-auditing of receipts, filling Daily Cash Collected and Banked forms, assisting customers, booking of reconnections, assisting in office work using computer software, preparing capture. This has seen the group record tremendous growth in the industry both in terms of infrastructure and development of new platforms like The Twitter account among other channels to reach its ever growing audience. These are as follows: 2. On Tuesday 4th of August, , I filed monthly reports and other relevant document, sorting them out base on date documented. Continue Reading in Students.

Recommend the organization for the establish of an effective and efficient financial and operational framework for improved accountability and transparency. ICT — Information, communications and technology 3.

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At the regional level, like South Nyanza, Bureau chief acts as the regional editors assume the administration role of supervising other staff and implementation of directives from the head office. Enable to gain and disseminate knowledge among academicians, students, researchers, and institutions of higher education. Suppliers Management This guides the suppliers on what needed, where to deliver and of what quality and quantity. Deposit is also the amount paid for flow of water to a new customer for the first week or month after a complete pipeline connection. Going out for field work courtesy of the Ministry under some of the projects that were being carried out which tough me how to carry out research. Promotions It is expected in any organization that due to the work well done by an employee, that at point in time there should be upward mobility to a higher position and injection of the right kind of people but it is not the case for the company. Continue accessing it and exploiting its versatility.
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