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References Belazuri. Sumama ibn Usal was one of these individuals. The Prophet accepted the treaty all the same, as he was never for war. No wonder then that the Prophet Muhammad so earnestly used to entreat his Lord in his daily prayer: "O God, you are the original source of Peace; from You is all Peace, and to You returns all Peace.

The disputes and negotiations resolved in peace because the Prophet was always on the side of peace.

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Just as the Muslims allowed the members of other religions under their rule to practice their own faith, in the same way they did not object to building mosques, churches, and synagogues side by side, or even Muslims and Christian worshiping in different parts of the same temple.

All the Prophets of ancient times, historically speaking, were like mythical beings, rather than real human beings accepted as historical figures.

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But Makkan military units met them in a place near Makka called Hudaybiya, and told them that they were not going to allow the Muslims to visit the Ka'ba. It is for this reason that the Quran says: "…And settlement is best…" [Quran: ] Similarly, Prophet Muhammad has observed: "God grants to gentleness Rifq what He does not grant to violence 'Unf.

When the armies of Heracles were defeated and had retreated, the local population welcomed the Muslim inhabitants back into the city with open arms.

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