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The group discussed how this game of substituting one authority for another is equally problematic in the gallery as it treats the art work as if it were a problem that had a single solution. At smaller museums, staff members often fulfill multiple roles. It built a museum and a library, played an important role in research, and collected much material on the natural history and culture of Indonesia. Understanding interpretation as a dialectical critique of the art work through discussion seems to be fundamental to the process of teaching interpretation skills. The iconoclasm enforced by Byzantine authorities prevented artists from creating representations of religious figures. In the United States, several Native American tribes and advocacy groups have lobbied extensively for the repatriation of sacred objects and the reburial of human remains. A period of intense museum building, in both an intellectual and physical sense was realized in the late 19th and early 20th centuries this is often called "The Museum Period" or "The Museum Age". When the British Museum opened to the public in , it was a concern that large crowds could damage the artifacts. One way that elite men during this time period gained a higher social status in the world of elites was by becoming a collector of these curious objects and displaying them. While they should invite their communities to think about the significance of the arts and encourage them to broaden their perspectives on social matters, arts organizations should also strive to do this in a way that best engages their audiences. They insure that objects are properly accessioned, documented, insured, and, when appropriate, loaned. Chinese and Japanese visitors to Europe were fascinated by the museums they saw there, but had cultural difficulties in grasping their purpose and finding an equivalent Chinese or Japanese term for them. Exhibit Designer — Exhibit designers are in charge of the layout and physical installation of exhibits.

A process of dialectical enquiry took place, based on deep and broad looking which afforded new insights into the work. We also talked about which kind of art the group preferred — the art they felt communicated simple positions clearly or the more ambiguous approach offered by for example the Kiefer and Horn work — dealing with similar themes but with completely different intentions.

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The routes were not a set of interpretations but instead a collective, disjunctive effort of rehearsed information which was not based on visual evidence.

Breuer went on to build three homes for Stillman as well as such public commissions as the Litchfield High School which was completed in David N.

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When the British Museum opened to the public init was a concern that large crowds could damage the artifacts. You may improve this articlediscuss the issue on the talk pageor create a new articleas appropriate.

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They are responsible for the accessibility of collections and collections policy. Some of these positions are excluded entirely or may be carried out by a contractor when necessary. Edmondson agreed to attempt to work out some compromise in handling and rotating the display that would accommodate the different points of view. Leave a reply Nestled in the northwest corner of Connecticut, the town of Litchfield exudes colonial charm, picturesque views, and historic homes. The site dates from c. The routes were not a set of interpretations but instead a collective, disjunctive effort of rehearsed information which was not based on visual evidence. Responding to the works in collage, the group used newspaper print to create new interpretations of a poster of their choice. The examples from the Looking Logs suggest the importance of allowing time for a purely physical response to an art work based on its objecthood. April Learn how and when to remove this template message An exhibition history is a listing of exhibitions for an institution, artist, or a work of art. Petersburg was founded in in Kikin Hall and officially opened to the public in in the Old St.

Pupils may be well rehearsed in the skills of describing the world visually — particularly through the hegemonic discipline of representational drawing and painting in the classroom, that is, in the manipulation of culturally specific visual codes and conventions, but they also need to learn how to ask questions of art works.

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A Controversial Collection: Modern Art at the Litchfield Historical Society