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The dogs were given personification and twain gave us an insight to their character and the mother dog's tendency to observe her owners and pick up some knowledge. Dogs can not be replaced by any other pet as they help their masters in domestic activity, safeguard them, live with them like a family member and stay with them in every situation either favorable or adverse where as a cat changes homes frequently and show no emotional attachment with the family. While lying in bed one night, the narrator heard strange noises that stirred fear stoked by recently reported cases of criminal behavior in her neighborhood. Both the Boss and Aileen are mourning after their kins but at the end, both accept the tragic fact of the loss of their generation. The bedtime story is told in the conventional style of fairy tales, but it is really a suburban nightmare about South African whites so fearful of the perceived threat of blacks that they take increasingly extreme steps to increase security. After realizing that her fears are unfounded and that the sound is the floorboard creaking, she demonstrates the rational approach that is needed in dealing with the insecurity prompted by the outside world. Conflicts 8 Gordimer, Nadine. She attacks Roderick as the life drains from her, and he dies of fear.

His death signals the metaphoric importance of the voyage as a quest for knowledge. They keep them for their company and give them shelter in the same home where they themselves live.

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Although such people are not allowed entrance into the protected suburb except as hired servants, the wife is fearful of this outside world of riots, crime, violence, and chaos.

Though the man may feel as though he is just reassuring his wife. They also see others with walls and fencing and feel as though they too must have the same.

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She experiences the same anxiety as the family in the main story. From this description the reader can picture the town as picturesque and quaint. He stayed there where the puppy was buried and waited for the puppy to come back, it was figured that he died there waiting to see his dear puppy come back to him. The policy was introduced and separated the people of South Africa into smaller racial groups, with whites being supreme. There is only a small crack from the roof to the ground in the front of the building. Madeline soon dies, and Roderick decides to bury her temporarily in the tombs below the house. The setting is important here in creating an atmosphere of dread which each human has experienced at one time in their life. Human beings consider themselves torch bearers of civilization but actually they are going back to their generic animal instincts. His fear rises when the black unemployment spread in the neighborhood looking for occupations, and tells his wife to stop feeding them. The man and his wife assume like their neighbours that it must be black people. While discussing this alarming trend, the husband and wife are concerned when they see the ease with which the family cat is able to climb over the raised wall. They were warned to regard these individuals from the streets with a wary eye by the witch. The housemaid then tries to dissuade the wife from giving bread and tea to the former workers who loiter outside the home. So the aspect of hollowness of felling is also very important in story. The blacks were in a desperate for works and food that led to unwelcoming consequences in the society as the burglary and violence and riots became an essential part of the daily life.

Aileen left her mother and was sold to a loving family that treated her with care. Suicide results from the delusion that the alter ego is something real that can be eliminated in order to leave the self in peace.

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Not sure how to counter this disturbing realization, they take a walk with the little boy and the family dog, observing how other neighbors have addressed the problem. General Lasalle is a real and positive presence of authority in contrast to the shadowy and invisible leaders of the Inquisition.

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William Wilson - A classmate and rivalrous competitor of the narrator.

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