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Poverty is one of the major causes of child labour and this is also one of the many reasons why some children need to work. This step is incomplete without the support of parents as well as the government. After all, what kind of citizens do we expect them to grow into after such kinds of abuse?

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NGOs should pitch in to these avenues and empower these children to a brighter future. Large numbers of children work in commercial agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, mining, and, domestic service.

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Child labor is a major issue throughout the global economy, especially in developing countries like China. Ultimately, these little souls are pushed into extremely torturing and dangerous work conditions, such as prostitution, domestic helping, transport of drugs, etc. They should also be explained about the power of education and the various schemes which promises a free basic education for kids. Child Labor is something that replaces the normal activities a child, like education, playing, etc. However in India, a lot of children are being subjected to child labour, probably due to lack of awareness. Essay on Child Labour — Essay 3 Words Child labour is a social issue in India and abroad where kids are exploited by organized and unorganized sectors of industry. Parents from the vulnerable section required proper advice and counseling to make them understand the importance of education. I would love to hear from you and read your comments on this article. List of Essays on Child Labour in English Essay on Child Labour — Essay 1 Words Introduction: Child Labour means indulging the children in arduous labour which affects their physical and mental development and exploiting their potential to grow up with dignity. Anthropologists and Sociologists through the time have observed the history and the impact of social institutions on child labor.

All of the particles get in their lungs and give the children a hard time breathing. Another reason why child labour could be something good is because boycotts made against the laws which were created to prevent child labour may lead to greater consequences such as harming the children rather than helping them.

Some families traditionally believe that the next generation should continue their family business. Whatever be the job done, child labor depends on the age of the kid involved, type of activity and hours of work they do per day. Now that we have examined why child labor should be prohibited, try to take a course of action against it.

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Essay on Child Labour: 8 Selected Essays on Child Labour