Political factor that affect mobile industry

pestle analysis of telecom industry 2018

Google is one of many U. New environmental laws in China designed to curb greenhouse gases could increase production costs in that country and affect Nokias costs. It is also an aggregator tool for businesses and government officials to collect data on emerging threats and instability.

Recently, Samsung submitted a complaint against Kodak over mobile phone camera technology Sood, This could force it to move production to higher-cost locations such as the United States.

Pestle analysis of mobile app industry

March 2, Many companies are now designing proprietary apps to allow customers to bypass search engines. This is generating calls for higher corporate taxation in the United States, where income inequality has become a major political issue. This leaves the company highly vulnerable to both piracy and litigation. But in , the FCC fought its creation as well. This has kept many customers from even considering Nokia products. Apples dominant position in fields like music could lead to antitrust concerns and political pressure to break the company up or limit its market share.

Robertson have even made the claim that Googles search results could influence the outcome of elections. Businesses are using the internet and mobile phones for marketing. The popular association of Apple with smartphones in some countriessuch as the United Stateshas cut deeply into Nokias market by creating a generation of customers that only buy one brand.

Social scientists Robert Epstein and Ronald E. Potential Impact of Technological Factors on Apple Competitors such as Google and Samsung have demonstrated a strong ability to duplicate Apples products and services.

Legal factors affecting telecom industry

Is that what the FCC called an incentive? The company is based in the European nation of Finland, but the Finnish government has refused to give it a bailout or special favors. This can both help and hurt the company because it is not associated with a major power, but it might lack the political clout of American- or Chinese-based rivals. One possible game changer could be that popular Google solutions such as Gmail could be taken off of Android, which could limit its popularity. Apple could become the target of growing nationalism and anti-Americanism in China, which could reduce its market share. March 10, Short-term business benefits have been well documented, but long-term societal and political impacts are also beginning to take shape. And although I fully understand that the cell phone is not the culprit when it comes to this topic the internet has made it all possible I do not want to give the cell phone a complete pass in this regard. One costly requirement that it could face in the years ahead is laws making electronics manufacturers responsible for the disposal or recycling of used devices, a potentially costly expense, particularly if the devices use lithium batteries. Perhaps we feel that the big bad movie companies and record labels deserve such treatment. Customers, companies, and the government are divided on how the industry should develop.

The problem was compounded by Nokias decisions to utilize the less popular Windows Phone operating system and to stick with its own operating system.

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Mobile penetration linked to political stability