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Choose three or four areas from your SWOT analysis and explain why the areas you have chosen are essential to your strategic plan. It was a very successful diversification for Porsche.

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What has made the Cayenne and Panamera so successful is the emphasis both vehicle designs place on the experience of owning a Porsche without the sacrifice of space Gilmore, Pine,p. The strategic partners of Porsche make it easier for them to utilize technology.

But to continue doing so and perform even better and grab a greater market share, Porsche is investing heavily to increase its sales, widen its reach and increase market share, 36 Case Analysis: Porsche mainly in the international level, by trying to explore new markets with its innovative designed cars.

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The man who founded Porsche is known by the name of Ferdinand Porsche, he was an engineering genius. Contrasting Decision Making Processes with Cayenne and Panamera Customers Where the traditional Porsche buyer is more concerned with the engineering excellence of their vehicle Petroff, Petroff, p.

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We understand the fundamentals of automaking. Rebecca Henderson, Cate Reavis There are some customers who love the idea that an engineer working on their project in the afternoon was the same guy working on a motor in the morning.

In this particular case, the Cayenne received so much backlash on the online community, that it was later able to spillover into the offline world — further creating additional, unneeded negative publicity for the release of the Cayenne.

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SOLUTION: What's Driving Porsche?, Case Study and Strategic Plan help