Problems on proton holdings

proton operation management problem

Types of research was exploratory, through observation and questionnaires, using dichotomous and Likert scale. Honda retains its leading position as the top non-national car brand in Malaysia and second place in overall total industry volume.

For example, Proton the Malaysia national carmaker also setting up sales subsidiaries in Europe market and Proton major sales are still come from domestic market and also Proton production plant are only in Malaysia.

PROTON will address break-even analysis, sales forecasts, expense forecast, and indicate how these activities link to the marketing strategy. Now Proton car have 10, employees to cover up its activities. For example, marketing section may want a huge cover the promotional activities of the brand but finance department may lessen the expenses by trimming the budget of marketing office.

Perodua operates two 10 manufacturing plants in Malaysia, with a maximum annual capacity ofunits. As it involved in global business the necessity for giving the employee privileges increased much.

We could have seen the local parts manufacturing industry getting a boost from increased volumes and expertise from the German manufacturer which helped the Czech manufacturer Skoda become a major automotive power in a relatively short period of time.

For recovering this they took some strategy that was fruitful for them and again began to capture market share. Having functional knowledge often will results in smoother working environment thus promoting higher production rate with high quality products produced.

The founding of Proton National Bhd. Hence, exports is the way moving forward.

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The problem with Proton