Procedural writing assignments

Depending on the type of text in question, often illustrations can be used to reinforce what a successfully followed procedure will look like. Soon they will start to see the pattern evolve and this will help them when they come to produce and name their own procedural texts.

Simpler texts, such as recipes, will be much less complex in structure. A good rule of thumb for student writers is to use many short and simple sentences when writing about complex ideas. Procedural writing can seem a very unimaginative activity in the eyes of a child, so it is helpful to try to create prompts that allow children to use their imaginative skills.

Another good example of a prompt that encourages children to use their imaginations is "How to Make the Perfect Snowman. The choice is up to the writer. Please try again. Keep it short and simple.

You never know though, you may just get some useful inspiration! Getting Creative A boy gives his dog a biscuit in the living room.

procedural text activities 3rd grade

This is a nonfiction genre and this should be reflected in the choice of language. There was an error submitting your subscription. However, the following is some valuable general advice for students to bear in mind when they are considering the language registers of their text.

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