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You don't have to finish the entire novel right away, you just have to start. Through the power of the holy spirit, these books helped me when my heart was hard. Keep the subject matter as light as possible and indulge in it much later in the day.

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Here's a solution: Set up a reading schedule to get you through those books! You could even turn this reading schedule into a book club. Esther Lombardi is a veteran journalist who has written about literature, education, and technology. Nonetheless, I keep planning.

In time, I have cut back on these overwhelming streams of unnecessary input, but I have only done so successfully with the addition of a replacement habit: reading books. Broadly, we can divide our reading goals into three major areas: Reading for Pleasure Reading for More Information Reading for Better Understanding Consciously or not, all of our reading activities can be divided into the above three categories.

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My procrastination tendency leads me to back loading the two-week period with higher page counts. Best of all, the schedule is FREE to everyone who wants it. I set high goals, and even though I rarely achieve them, I do achieve something. All you need to get started is a pen, some paper, a calendar, and of course, books! Additionally, I also want to share an approach that can help us make space for an appropriate amount of reading time in our daily schedules. How many pages are in the book? You may decide to mark the stopping points in your book with a post-it or pencil mark, so the reading will seem more manageable. If you only want to read suspense novels, great. Ideally, one should have a healthy mix of all three kinds of reading in our daily schedules. I had a crisis of faith a little over a decade ago and read a number of Christian books during that season. If reading with strangers isn't your thing, gathering up a few friends and organizing a book club is just as useful. Determine when you will start reading your first book.

I review books for a number of publishers, so I plan out which books to read during specific months so that I can write the review in time for the release and all that.

It is precisely because of this reason that I believe reading should always be a goal driven activity.

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Organize or Join a Book Club with Deadlines Advertisement Book clubs might not seem like your thing if your only exposure to them is through Oprah, but they can be a great way to get the motivation to read. Always keep a book, newspaper, magazine, or reading device in your bag. I've gathered the 10 tips that have helped me make time to read every single day: 1. Find the timepoints nearest your starting point. Most fiction books can be termed as reading for pleasure. The whole book is only 4 hours regular speed on Audible though, so not a significant time commitment. It programmatically adds Read as a context, but the script can be altered as needed to fit your system. But there is a flaw in this design that I discovered early on. Whether your commute is 15 minutes or one hour, using that time to read is productive and a smart way to start or end your day. Harari finishes off strong with brilliant insight into what the future has in store for the human race and what we might become. That helps significantly, but taking it another step, I have committed to completing a book every two weeks.
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Optimize your daily reading schedule: Best practices for what to read and when to read it?