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Writers have to read closely just to draft.

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If you are reading short stories, write short stories. Reading and writing genre with purpose in K-8 classrooms. Revision always requires comparative evaluation.

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Indeed, asking students to write about their reading may provide the best window into their reading process and comprehension Serravallo, ; ; Roessing, Readers have the beginning and ending given to them. Writers may need to perform research.

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Independent reading assessment: Fiction and nonfiction. In order for writers to communicate effectively, they have to take a thought, often abstract, and render it in concrete form.

Reading writing connection ppt

Independent reading assessment: Fiction and nonfiction. Each activity deepens the other. Words are your friends. Be the bridge. Writers have to shape every phrase, construct every sentence, and sequence ideas logically while also meeting the conven-tions of spelling, punctuation, usage, and grammar. Sentences have to be arranged into para-graphs, paragraphs into sections, and sections into whole pieces or chapters. Writers do each of these and many more. With many pairs of closely related academic skills where one skill subsumes the other, focusing first and with greater attention on the subsuming skill makes a dramatic difference in achievement. The writing thief: Using mentor texts to teach the craft of writing. Graphic organizers, after all, are mind maps—ways of making thinking concrete. Use literature to show the traits, concepts, skills, and techniques students are using when they write. We also learn the many purposes writing serves and the different genres and formats it assumes to serve these varied purposes Duke et al. Duke, N. Use the same graphic organizers for writing and reading.
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The Reading and Writing Connection with Steve Graham