Reasons why edward iv defeated challenges

Henry himself had been on the other side of the Tyne when the battle was fought and escaped to the north-west of England, where he was able to hide for another year. Warwick's army was also gaining in strength - he had been joined by Oxford, Exeter and Beaumont, but he still refused to fight.

Edward's main concern now was to prevent Warwick from making a successful return to England. This meant that they could attack the Lancastrian left, which began to give way. In the meantime the situation in the north remained precarious.

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Somerset was then sent to his estates at Chirk for his own safety. Return from Exile Edward now found himself in a similar position to Warwick only a few months earlier, but it took him longer to find an ally willing to help him try and regain his throne. His Second Reign After Tewkesbury Edward ruled for another twelve years, without having to fight another battle in person. The surviving Lancastrian leaders abandoned the fight and their army gave way and attempted to flee. This time Edward was less forgiving. March was too young to be seriously involved at the first battle of St. This might have been a trap, but York was able to win the city authorities over, again claiming that he only wanted his duchy back. After Edward's death the Yorkist settlement unravelled with astonishing speed. She also came from a Lancastrian family. Gloucester's family would thus become a balance to the Percys, who dominated in the north-east. Lander suggested in that the King was merely "infatuated," echoing P. Richard housed them in the Tower of London where they were probably murdered on his orders.

Commercial treaties, external peace and internal order revived trade, benefiting customs duties and other revenues. Somerset was then sent to his estates at Chirk for his own safety.

His boldness and willingness to seek battle was now used against him.

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This time Edward was planning to deal with the rebels in person. Once away from the court he began to ponder his situation.

Reasons why edward iv defeated challenges

In the short term their unpopularity helped undermine Edward, and played a part in alienating Warwick. Edward was forced to turn back and face this threat, leaving Warwick to deal with the Lancastrians heading south after Wakefield. March starts to come to the fore after the start of the second phase of the Wars of the Roses in Edward showed a more ruthless side to his character in his dealing with Clarence.

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Edward IV of England