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Physical education student reflection questions

Recommended Posts. I have grown to love being in the gym lifting weight and working hard. I also learned a lot more about what my major is and the philosophies of my major. Health benefits from regular exercise include: stronger muscles and bones, increased coordination and energy, and decreased risk of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. It comes from understanding why you were successful, an understanding that we develop by reflecting on our success. If we choose to teach every student to their strength and use multiple varieties of teaching styles, we set up the students to succeed in their education. It has been a debate since our fields beginning. I learned about the history and the future of my major. The data was then transcribed and analyzed through thematic analysis. They thought that it would be better to help all students by doing lighter exercises that will help people live a healthy life rather than just developing sport skills Freeman Only focusing on maximizing physical activity time within single lessons is short term thinking. When I finish with my Bachelors I plan to get my teaching certificate, then hopefully work teaching physical education in the community. The other thing I need is speaking skills. For my first virtual online class, I had a great experience.

I never saw myself as athletic, and gym class always used to be a dread. Another philosophical theory in physical education is naturalism.

Reflection physical education

I learned about the history and the future of my major. Through physical education, weight lifting, and sports I have been about to help kids I coach get into condition for football and wrestling by teaching them good workout that build there endurance. These philosophies there are many different perspectives and ways to teach, and also to participate in them. The study chose the four main topics to concentrate on as these issues are being researched profusely, with many studies focusing on adolescence instead of college students. We need to make it known how important these are to building a health country by forming good learning skills and habits to use in our daily lives. Others thought that physical education should involve a lot of the physical side. The focus was primarily on the fitness aspect. Challenge that, with hard work and focus, they can grow from and eventually overcome in order to experience success. Physical education classes teach the health benefits of regular exercise and healthy food choices along with the risks of inactivity and poor diet. I never saw myself as athletic, and gym class always used to be a dread. I never realized how important it is to know all of this about your field. Most of the players I coached were high school friends and some were even teammates. Some thought that we should focus on the academic side of the field. That is exactly what our field is.

Gymnastics did not mean the sport, but it meant exercises that were done in a gym Freeman 5. They would really teach a lot and would make people better at all sports as well. I need to be able to motivate and inspire both students and players.

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Thanks so much for reading and happy teaching! Still however, I enjoyed them and I learned so much about the human body especially since I haven't really learned too much about it since seventh grade, and even then we didn't go extremely in depth with it.

I would like to coach somewhere around Burley, but I also would like to travel a little bit, so I would not mind going somewhere else. Another thing, I learn how to work as a team and to be trust in my teammate.

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