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Eg of Afghan Media. Media has played important role in discussing un-touched subjects. Dog bites Man. Recommendations Strengthen investigative journalism through training and through funding that can subsidise journalists wishing to undertake larger investigative projects. For policymakers print media is most influential because it is urban-centric, news is backed by editorials in which newspapers take positions on issues. Media Marketing has Converted us into recipient. In such an environment it is the honest and straight-forwarded media which can make some difference by acting as a pressure group and the recent action of the government amounts to treason. Pakistanis will receive four-week internships at U.

Today we have number of highly professional and well-known media persons who are stalwarts of Pakistani Media and form its backbone. Media has properly educated the people regarding precautionary measures, symptoms and possible cures, which is the best way to cope up with the problem.

Extremist influence on media has been growing due to mushroom growth of TV channels that are more interested in ratings and resort to sensationalism instead of objectivity. A bold and blunt anchor person undermines the set standards.

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Erosion of such confidence in our institutional set-up can be dangerous. They have to afford massive expenses, so, competition to excel others makes them irresponsible. Another consequence of the regulations was that most of these were hurriedly enacted by President Musharraf before the new government took office. Due open market, there is a Scarcity of professional media men It was launched and designed to increase and deepen public understanding of the two countries and their important relationship, one that is crucial to regional stability and the global war on terrorism. By giving proper coverage to all such issues, media holds each and every institute of the country accountable for their responsibilities. Overloaded with Information.

Commercial nature of Media was discovered in the economic advantages related to it. Whatever the truth, does not matter, television is selling, making money and that is the true motive.

Many media activists felt that the new regulations were opaque and had been subject to interpretation by the courts which would have provided media practitioners with clearer guidelines.

Role of media in politics of pakistan essay

Dangers to Socialization. The private channels are owned by big investors with a purpose to enhance business. Embassy Islamabad Public Affairs Section. This is old news. Representatives from the U. The proliferation of the media in Pakistan since has brought a massive increase in the number of domestic and foreign journalists operating in Pakistan. The military's motivation for liberalising media licensing was based on an assumption that the Pakistani media could be used to strengthen national security and counter any perceived threats from India. Pak inherited 05 radio channel son its birth. Erosion of such confidence in our institutional set-up can be dangerous. The opening of the media market led to the mushrooming of satellite channels in Pakistan.

According to Javid Siddiq, resident editor, the paper stands for democracy and for an Islamic welfare state. Now media has to work hard to sweep the dirt.

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Unresolved issues continue to pose challenges for both countries. The banning of Meray Mutabiq is unacceptable to million Pakistanis who believe in the freedom of speech. Real-time media can get sucked into a race for ratings which can result in sensationalist and hysterical media that can end up distorting perceptions about issues.

Everyone wants the journalists to obey their orders.

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