Short essay on the life of mother teresa

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Though these means may bring temporary relief, they treat only the symptoms of violence. Her death was an irreplaceable loss felt by the entire world. It makes children's confidence.

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She always had a kind smile on her face. Neither did she promote conversion to her faith, allowing people to live as they thought it was necessary according to their religion.

Short essay on the life of mother teresa

Her life was anything but ordinary and began with a small seed of love, but eventually flourished into the most beautiful and breathtaking love to behold. She was the young child of her parents. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. At the age of nine Agnes father died leaving her mom to raise her and her two elder siblings. She joined the Loreto order and went to Bengal, India, to start her studies. In our essay Mother Teresa is an outstanding person who had a considerable impact on society. Mother Teresa was a very recognize nun around the entire world. She was born in in Macedonia with the name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Soon, the school become reality. Her father was a building contractor while her mother was a homemaker. At the age of eighteen she left her parental home in Skopje and joined the Sisters of Loreto, an Irish community of nuns with missions in India. Mother Teresa cared about others that were in need. Agnes often helped her mother deliver parcels of food and money to the poor and prayed with the whole family every evening.

We shall love her always You Might Also Like. Even after being a European woman, she always wore a cheap white sari. Some were unlucky and born with defects that would affect them their whole lives. After the rain there always be the sun, after your tears you will smile.

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