Simple research proposal

You need to explain, clearly and simply, how your research will complement the field you have just described in your literature review: what you will add, how it fills an existing gap, why the academic world would benefit from your research, etc.

Simple research proposal

Contact Us. A good way of making your research aim clear is to state a clear research question, and back it up with specific assertions or objectives. You should also write a few sentences on the potential field of its implementation and why people will benefit from it. No worries, just make sure to follow the structure set below in making your proposal: 1.

undergraduate research proposal sample

All the document are compatible for various types of software versions. Past Experience: In a table lay out any previous experience that you feel prepared you for this project. Either way, your proposal will need a full reference list or bibliography at the end, including all of the secondary works you have mentioned in your literature review and primary sources if applicable.

student research proposal example
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Examples of Research proposals