Subtle feminist assertions in the yellow wallpaper

Feminists have made a great contribution to the study of literature but, according to Lanser, are falling short because if "we acknowledge the participation of women writers and readers in dominant patterns of thought and social practice then perhaps our own patterns must also be deconstructed if we are to recover meanings still hidden or overlooked.

The project began as a one-act stage play titled, Yellow Book Bak goes on to suggest that the nursery room, with its barred windows and rings in the wall, was designed for the restraint of mental patients, but other critics assert that these were in fact common safety precautions used in Victorian nurseries and that such interpretations are extreme.

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It may be a ghost story. Weir Mitchelland convince him of the error of his ways".

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Rather it emerged from Charlotte's troubled relationship with her husband Walter, personified in the story's physician. It was understood that women who spent time in college or studying were over-stimulating their brains and consequently leading themselves into states of hysteria. Cutter in her article "The Writer as Doctor: New Models of Medical Discourses in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Later Fiction" discusses how in many of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's works she addresses this "struggle in which a male-dominated medical establishment attempts to silence women" Cutter 1.

Susan S.

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He could be viewed as the patriarchy itself, as Beverly Hume says, with his dismissal of all but the tangible and his constant condescension to his wife, but some critics have viewed this character as near-caricature Or triumph and freedom at last?

Lanser creates a relationship between the narrator and the reader. Almost all writings on the story have a alluded to this connection; some discuss it at length.

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It may be a ghost story. The play was directed by Philip Cuomo. While the story may overtly appear to indicate the latter possibility, closer examination reveals that the wallpaper is not merely an obsession of a deranged woman Feminism in "The Yellow Wallpaper" words - 3 pages The Feminist View of the Yellow Wallpaper The yellow wallpaper is a story about John and his wife who he keeps locked up due to her "nervous condition" of anxiety. A yellow smell. Women were disparaged against well into the 20th century and were only seen fit for domestic functions. While under the impression that husbands and male doctors were acting with their best interests in mind, women were depicted as mentally weak and fragile. Critics such as the editor of the Atlantic Monthly rejected the short story because "[he] could not forgive [himself] if [he] made others as miserable as [he] made [himself].

Other themes in the book include the role of women in a society dominated by men, the role of the mother, and how oppression can affect the mind of a creative individual. Different physicians argued that a physician must "assume a tone of authority" and that the idea of a "cured" woman is one who is "subdued, docile, silent, and above all subject to the will and voice of the physician" Cutter 3.

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Subtle Feminist Assertions in The Yellow Wallpaper