Suffering and aeschylus

Drum does not ring true to his character. Prometheus: The triple Fates and unforgetting Furies.

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What followed next you already know from my previous letter: Clytemnestra and Aegisthus killed Agamemnon on his return to Greece, only to be killed themselves, many years later, by the returning Orestes. The old men take up arms because they are the noble ones.

Not ever.

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For me, the use of this quotation by Rev. Like the world that made them, these gods are ruthless. Who will be the guilt offering? Learn to know thy heart, And, as the times, so let thy manners change, For by the law of change a new God rules. Obedience mother is of good success, Sure pledge of safety. For that, Zeus chained him to a rock and set an eagle to devour his liver. Prometheus: He no way shall escape his destined fate. His great-great-grandfather, Tantalus, had attempted to feed his own son, Pelops, to the gods and had been punished terribly for his crime. There he lay prostrate, gasping out his soul, And fourth a sudden spurt of blood Rained thick these drops of deathly dew upon me, While I rejoiced like cornfields at the flow Of heavenly moisture in birth-pangs of the bud. For somehow this is tyranny 's disease, to trust no friends.

Mankind's troubles flicker about, and you'll nowhere see misery fly on the same wings. All of the materials of tragedy, all of its cruelty, loss, and suffering, are present in Homer and the ancient myths but are dealt with as absolutes—self-sufficient and without the questioning spirit that was necessary to raise them to the level of tragedy.

Suffering, says Aeschylus, need not be embittering but can be a source of knowledge.

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If any one bear evil, let it be Without disgrace, sole profit to the dead; On base and evil deeds no glory waits. Learning the specifics helps me understand why novelist Krueger wanted to use the Aeschylus quotation in a novel, but, in my view, does not justify putting those words into Rev.

While Orestes fled and hid and suffered, he thought back on the deeds of his ancestors and understood that his pain was purposeful, that the gods were using it to bring a final reconciliation to five generations of lust and betrayal.

If I grieve, I do not therefore wish to multiply The griefs of others.

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For that, Zeus chained him to a rock and set an eagle to devour his liver. Martin Luther King, Jr. Is there no other way out of his dilemma than through the ancient code of blood revenge, which will only compound the dilemma? But his suffering, like that of Orestes, led to wisdom and peace and reconciliation. How can you possibly justify placing such vivid disorder and sin in a school which prides itself on teaching children about Jesus? We place tragic stories in front of our students so that they avoid tragic lives, the real kind. Aeschylus tended to resolve the dramatic problem into some degree of harmony , as scattered evidence suggests he did in the last two parts of the Promethiad and as he certainly did in the conclusion of the Oresteia. Without the suffering of Orestes that transition could not have been made. Second, is suffering a sufficient condition for wisdom or is wisdom always a consequence of suffering?
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Aeschylus on Suffering and Wisdom