Summary of on tranquility essay

Summary of on tranquility essay

If you examine every lawsuit, as though it were a person, to discover what gave rise to it and whence it came, you will find that obstinate anger begat one, frantic ambition another, unjust desire a third.

It was, indeed, burdensome to Agamemnon to be lord of many men: Agamemnon you shall know, King Atreus' son, Whom, beyond all, Zeus cast into a mesh Of never-ending cares; 33 but Diogenes, when he was being sold at auction, 34 lay down on the ground and kept mocking the auctioneer; when this official bade him arise, he would not, but joked and ridiculed the man, saying, "Suppose you were selling a fish?

In Chapter 17 of his essay, he says that while some things that happen to you can bring pain and distress, it is how you perceive these events that will determine whether they bother you or not.

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A state of peace, therefore, must be established, for in order to be secured against hostility it is not sufficient that hostilities simply be not committed; …. People at their lowest levels are not rational beings, but often succumb to passions.

For those who are without skill and sense as to how they should live, like sick people whose bodies can endure neither heat nor cold, are elated by good fortune and depressed by adversity; and they are greatly disturbed by both, or rather by themselves in both and as much in what is called good as in the bad.

It is most likely one could not expect peace without people feeling secure and helped as well as preventing of any actions that might harm in any way whatsoever other people.

Grief's in a famous life; with a rich life It stays; with a mean life it too grows old.

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Plutarch's Tips For Keeping A Tranquil Mind In A Turbulent World