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Higher level of digitalization in North America led to higher RoI on advertising and marketing.

pepsi marketing strategy

This is, in large part, due to the unhealthy consumption of certain products containing large amounts of sodium, sugar and Trans fats, all of which can be found in various PepsiCo products. Segmentation involves dividing population into groups according to certain characteristics, whereas targeting implies choosing specific groups identified as a result of segmentation to sell products.

Its dominant position in market lets it have a favorable relationships with the retailers which allows Pepsi to have major shelf space. The brand is using digital technology in other aspects of business too but in the area of marketing, the role of digital technology and that of social media is especially very important.

Pepsi also utilised retail and food service partnerships for competitive advantage. It has struck partnerships with several sports bodies globally to promote its brand in most important markets.

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In other words you can say, it is a brand for the millenials. However, this investment excludes the cost of consumer research. After the age of 35, preference for Pepsi tends to decrease. There's already a feeling among those close to the brand that something big is happening. The positioning has remained same since its inception in Bottled water, juice, tea, and energy drinks, and sparkling fruit drinks are just a few of examples of RTD beverages that are growing within the industry. Nelson Education. It has successfully launched its beverage products in over countries. Identifying opportunities to grow, transform and broaden its product portfolio.

Pepsi, on the other hand, creates culture and embraces individuality. Pepsi has been known for creating exciting marketing campaigns.

pepsico strategy

Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning 11 Segmentation and Target Market: The process of dividing the market into meaningful, relatively similar and identifiable segments and groups is called segmentation.

Regularly updating the package design also helps retain customers and attract new ones. It's important to note that this perspective bridges social and regulatory forces. Pick Your Profile.

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Thus it was able to create a Point of difference from Coca cola. The idea behind it is to lock these young, sports-loving people to the beverage. One of its campaigns in Greater China garnered more than a billion views. However, the world of marketing has changed a lot with the rise of the digital technology. Consumer Behavior As mentioned earlier, consumer behavior within the Soft Drink industry has shifted to more health-conscious drinks. In the beverage industry, these rivalries grow significantly every year due to the shrinking market, forcing them to compete for smaller market shares Beverage Marketing Corporation, However, the brand is investing in international markets too for faster growth. In this sense, Pepsi is changing how consumers view their products relative to their competitor, Coca-Cola. In Pepsi was forced to remove all Aunt Jamima Pancake and waffle mix due to a contamination Jurevicius, Department of Health and Human Services, more than 2 out of every 3 adults in the US are considered to be overweight or obese, as well as about 1 in 6 kids between the ages of U. In relation to the brand analysis of Pepsi, the paper discusses the following: segmenting, targeting, positioning, segmentation approaches, marketing strategies, pricing strategies, target markets, distribution channels, and the marketing mix. This makes it tough for PepsiCo to access clean supplies of water for reasonable prices which raises the cost of production and lowers profitability. It teamed up with leading universities as well as governments and innovators in to develop biodegradable film resins that help it meet its sustainable packaging needs. Pick Your Profile. It has positioned itself as a snacks and beverages brand that include nutritious and low calorie choices apart from normal soda products.

For example, Pepsi-Cola is positioned as soft drink that tastes good and has a pleasantly refreshing impact.

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